Stairway carpet installation in a Portland, OR home

How is carpet installed on stairs?

While some homeowners choose wall-to-wall carpet for the entire home, others have carpet flooring installed only on stairs. Since safety is always a concern, it?s easy to see why carpeted steps are so popular. It?s hard to slip on carpet, and the child-friendly flooring provides a soft landing if a fall should occur. Marion?s Carpet Warehouse, founded in 1965, provides a wide selection of carpeting as well as experienced installers who can handle complex jobs. We have one showroom in Portland and one in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Carpet installation

Most often, carpet flooring is installed on stairs using the waterfall technique. This technique is self-explanatory. One piece of carpet is fitted and cut and then allowed to cascade down the steps. The French Cap, also called cap and band, is a professional installation method that gives stairs a more refined look. Carpet is cut for each step and folded over the end of the stair to create a ledge. Specifically, carpeting is first fastened to tacking strips and then stapled down to create a secure, tight fit. With the French Cap method of installation, flooring can easily be replaced if it becomes damaged.?

Carpet padding

Since stairs get a lot of foot traffic, it's best to choose the most durable carpet available. The padding under it bears the brunt of foot impact so it, too, needs to be a high-quality brand. Nylon has been the go-to carpeting for decades. It's able to bounce back after compression, and with proper care, it looks like new years after installation. Carpet with a low pile height is most durable. Fibers should be less than ?-inch high while the most effective padding will have a 6- to 10-pound density rating.

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