Hardwood flooring installation in Portland, OR from Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouses

Hardwood flooring installation, we do it right!

When you come to us for a hardwood flooring installation, you can be assured of attention to detail. We also have some of the best installers in the market.

Measuring: #1 way we stand out

Most places will send a salesperson to measure, but we send the craftsman who will also discuss the project in detail. That person has the experience and skill to spot potential problems and eliminate mistakes.

While measuring, the installer will explain in detail why specific processes, such as acclimation, are necessary. Some homeowners skip it, but they shouldn't.

Water is the most significant cause of hardwood flooring installation damage. Acclimation allows for the wood?s moisture levels to be in line with that of its new surroundings.?

It should also be done for engineered wood floors, especially when they float. Mistakes become rare, and the best installers want to work for us.

The craftsman will also check the subfloor. If repair or restoration is necessary, alternatives are offered.

Moisture readings: the #2 way we?re different

By now, you know that water is the enemy of hardwood. So, starting at the subfloor, we'll take constant readings. Then, if it exceeds the acceptable range, the installers at our hardwood flooring store in Portland and Wilsonville OR, will discuss it.

Drying the coats: the #3 way we?re different

The installer can?t rush through the wood floor installation. Hardwood flooring often requires several coats of finish or stains.

We make sure each coat is thoroughly dry. Otherwise, you'll end up with a bumpy surface due to stuck-on dust or debris

The area?s most trusted flooring source

Why go anywhere else for your hardwood flooring installation? You'll get the highest quality at honest, affordable prices at Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouses.

Visit our showroom to experience the difference. While there, check out the inventory with brand names like Hallmark, Johnson, Somerset, and more. We have locations in Wilsonville and Portland, OR, serving Wilsonville, Beaverton, Portland, Vancouver, and Lake Oswego.