Hardwood flooring installation and moisture: Three FAQs

Hardwood flooring installation and moisture: Three FAQs

A hardwood flooring installation adds natural beauty and elegance to a room. It?s also reasonably easy to care for, but wood and water don?t mix. Excess moisture can cause cupping, crowning, and warping.

Here are answers to three questions we hear most often about hardwood flooring and moisture.

What is acclimation?

Wood expands or shrinks to adjust to the weather. This process allows the wood to adjust to your home?s moisture levels.

Lay the planks side-by-side for at least three days in the room where they will be installed; there should be no excess heat or air conditioning.

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What should I do if the floors get wet?

Remove all wet rugs and dry them as thoroughly as possible with a clean towel. Also, use a Wet Vac to mop up excess water.??

Clean planks with a low sudsing cleanser and water; dirty wood only attracts more water.

Use the Wet Vac again and keep drying with a clean towel. Get between planks and anywhere you might think water is hiding.

Can I take any precautions?

Yes. We can?t control Mother Nature! And sometimes leaks or floods will occur.

Place welcome mats at every entrance. Make sure people wipe their feet before walking on your wood floor installation.?

It?s even better if they can remove shoes; mud, ice, snow, and wet leaves can easily be dragged in on the soles.

If you have an outdoor pet, wipe the paws before letting them walk on it.

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