Acclimated hardwood flooring installation in a Lake Oswego, OR home

Does hardwood flooring need to be acclimated?

Yes, always if it?s solid hardwood flooring. Some manufacturers even recommend it for engineered wood floors, even though they are more stable. Manufacturer suggestions will vary, so check with the professionals in our flooring store in Portland, OR, to follow the proper guidelines.

What does acclimation mean?

You're giving the wood a chance to adapt to its new surroundings before installation, so its natural moisture content matches the rooms. The most common method is to leave opened boxes in the room in which it's to be installed for three to five days before installing; some also take the planks out to lay side-by-side on the floor.

Wood is porous, so the room needs to be climate controlled during this period. If you acclimate during a humid and hot period without air conditioning, the wood will swell and then shrink when the air gets drier, possibly causing a gap. The opposite happens when you blast the AC; the wood initially shrinks, then swells, and cups and crowns. If your home doesn?t have installed climate control, seek the advice of a professional to understand how to proceed.

The hardwood flooring installation wood/water issue

Much of the structural damage we see is caused by cupping or crowning. Crowning is when the center becomes higher than the sides, forced when the wood swells and crowd each other, looking for room. Cupping is when the edges near the excess moisture are higher than the rest of the floor.

That makes it vital to wipe spills immediately and put mats strategically at the entrance and in front of sinks. Clean only with a slightly damp mop and a manufacturer-approved cleaner and, when you polish, be sure to wipe it dry completely.

We don't just want to see beautiful hardwood flooring at installation-time only, but, instead, we want to see it through the floor's entire life span. So come in to talk to us whenever you have a question. Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouses has two locations: Wilsonville and Portland, OR, convenient to Wilsonville, Beaverton, Portland, Vancouver, and Lake Oswego. Also, if you're considering new floors, we're happy to give you a free quote.