Perfectly installed carpet flooring in a Portland, OR home

Do different types of carpet have unique installation methods?

There are three main types of carpet installation. What you select doesn?t depend so much on the type of carpet but rather, how and where you plan to use it. It also depends on your needs. Each has its advantages, as well as some challenges. Be sure to discuss this in detail with our flooring professionals.

Types of carpet installation

?Direct glue down. The carpet is glued directly to the subfloor with no padding. Direct glue down is good for large spaces and, because there's such stable support, there's no movement, buckling, or peaking seams. It also provides a solid foundation for mobility devices, such as wheelchairs. However, the subfloor must be in very good condition, because imperfections can telegraph through. This is popular for commercial installations.
?Double glue down. This is sometimes called a double stick. Here, padding is used. The pad is glued to the floor; then the carpet is glued to the pad. Because there's padding, there's more comfort and insulation.
?Stretch-in. This is the most popular technique for residential installations. Strips of wood with nails (often called "tackless strips") are placed around the room's perimeter. The padding is placed in the middle of the floor. The carpet is then stretched over it and attached to the nail strip. This flooring technique is great for small spaces and is
also very easy to remove.

This is also the only installation technique where the carpet flooring installer can work with patterned rugs, especially when the pattern has challenges, such as skewing. That?s when the yarns don?t line up properly with both sides of the roll.

Following manufacturer installation instructions

This not only ensures a beautiful installation, but it also guards your protections. For example, many carpet manufacturers now insist that rugs be stretched with a power stretcher. This is a long-handled tool with a pronged head. When force is exerted, the rug is stretched to the wall. Although a knee kicker also stretches rugs, it is only to be used in very small spaces, such as the closet. When you choose our carpet installation services, you can be sure we are following all the necessary protocols.

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