Light-tone hardwood flooring in a Portland, OR home

Dark or light-colored hardwood flooring?

It's a matter of personal preference and the overall decor of the room you plan to install. A hardwood flooring installation (or any flooring, for that matter) is a significant investment and also an expression of your style, making color choice also a somewhat daunting task.

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It?s all about balance

This might be a good time to invest in a $20 color wheel. Whatever color you decide should harmonize with the rest of the room's elements; remember, the floor is really the base and most likely takes the most significant square footage. If the room's walls are painted a lighter color or harmonizing but also contrasting, a dark floor will make the room look modern and create a stunning design statement. Alternatively, if you have dark walls and accessories, it can look gloomy, like something out of an Addams Family movie!

Light floors are said to change the face of interior design because they coordinate easily with just about anything. Here, you might want to add some bold or darker colored walls and accessories to create drama.

How do you feel about maintenance?

Lifestyle is an important consideration. Lighter woods can hide scratches and dust better, but you may not want to vacuum as frequently as needed if you have a dark-colored pet. On the other hand, dark floors absorb light rather than reflect it, so they're better at resisting fading. Dark floors also show off the grain, are more dramatic, and if the dirt and grime are dark, they'll hide it better than a light floor. If, however, you have an animal with white fur, you'll probably be vacuuming a lot; dark wood can also show scratches, the latter being a consideration if you have kids.

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