Hardwood flooring installation from Marion's Carpet World in Portland, OR

Cupping, crowning and the hardwood installation

Hardwood is an installation you shouldn't try to DIY.? It requires special skills and tools, and sometimes there's extensive subfloor work that needs to be completed or even replaced before the surface floor can be placed. Protect your investment and hire a service that will even evaluate door clearances.

What is cupping and crowning?

Cupping is when the edges of your floors turn up higher than the middle; it forms a cup-like shape.? Crowning is just the opposite; the middle turns up higher than the edges.

According to Fine Homebuilding.Com, those issues have to do with weather and humidity; hardwood shrinks or contracts to adjust, so the wood could either be too wet or dry.?

Other moisture-related problems include gaps and buckling.

A professional will spot moisture problems and correct them before the floor is installed.

The value of professional expertise

Hardwood can either be nailed, stapled or glued down; this depends upon many factors, including conditions of the subfloor.? A professional evaluate it and knows exactly how best to secure your flooring.

They can also advise you on how to maintain the flooring.? The service also knows how to properly dispose of the old.

It?s hard enough to do-it-yourself when you don?t have moldings, baseboards or other protrusions in the room, and that difficulty becomes even more intense when you do have to navigate.

When it?s professionally handled, the hardwood flooring will be correctly measured, and the installation provider will have the right tools to cut with precision.

Other common DIY problems include not waiting for coats of stain, lacquers, and finishes to dry thoroughly, so you'll end up with a lot of bumpy debris.

Saving with a DIY installation can cost you in the long-term

It?s always tempting to save money, but sometimes you?ll end up spending more. For one thing, professional installers do it for a living and, as such, they are charged wholesale prices on tools.? You will pay the full retail price for something you?ll only use once, if at all.

Most of all, manufacturers have specific guidelines as to how flooring should be installed.? When not followed, it becomes void and damages, even when not caused by the homeowner, are not covered.

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