Carpet installation and carpet grippers

Carpet installation and carpet grippers

Carpet gripper is just another word for tack strips. You've probably already seen them if you've had a carpet installation. Learn more about them in today's blog post.

Stretching the rug: the initial phase

During the carpet installation, thin wooden strips with protruding tacks are placed around the room's parameter. First, the padding is placed within the strips, then the rug is stretched over and affixed to the tacks.

The nails grip the rug and hold it in place. That reduces concerns about rolls, wrinkles, and bumps.

When re-stretched, the rug will be restored to its original condition. It will look new.

The importance of proper stretching

When the soft surface isn't stretched properly, appearance and safety become an issue, and it?s easy to trip over. See our carpet store in Wilsonville, OR, or Portland, OR, if you have questions about when it's loose or has rolls.

An unstretched rug also causes premature replacement and costly repairs; loose carpets are especially vulnerable to wear and damage from foot traffic.

Power stretchers vs. knee kickers

They both stretch carpet flooring but are used for different areas. For example, the knee kicker is only used for small spaces like closets.

The power stretcher, a long pole with tines at the end, is used for larger areas. It stretches the rug over the tack strips and places it firmly against the wall.

Don?t hesitate to contact our carpet store in Wilsonville, OR, or Portland, OR. Most manufacturer warranties have guidelines on how the rug should be stretched. When not followed, all protections can be lost.

Why carpet?s so popular

Carpet is elegant and comes in many colors, designs, and styles. There are also many benefits, including noise reduction, temperature insulation, cushioning to protect against hard falls, and indoor air quality improvement.

Product knowledge, great prices, and superior service

Your home is your most important asset, and Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouses will help you select the proper carpet installation to enhance it. Our family-owned company has the best installers in the area, and you'll end up with an installation you'll love for years to come.

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