Carpet installation in Portland, OR from Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouses

Carpet installation 101: What to expect

There's nothing like carpeting to add beauty and elegance to your home. It also comes with countless functional benefits, which is why it's still one of the most popular choices among homeowners, but keep in mind that installation is as necessary as the product.

Visit our carpet store in Portland, OR,?or Wilsonville, OR,?where you'll find all the most popular styles, colors, and fibers for residential and commercial use. Make your selection and then plan for the carpet installation.?

A step-by-step guide to the process

1. Estimate. This is done at our showroom if you know the square footage, describe the room in detail and preferably have photographs. Sometimes it will require a trip to the home for inspection before an estimate is done, however.

2. Measuring appointment: Don't skip this critical step; improper measuring can result in under-ordering products, resulting in delays or over-ordering, which adds to the bill.

3. Carpet installation day:?

Professional installers come with the right tools, stretch and seam properly, and ensure no height issues keep doors opening and closing correctly. In addition, no bumps, rolls, or wrinkles will affect the rug's performance and longevity.?

The room needs to be empty of furniture ? we can provide this service in our quote.

We will let you know when you can walk on the floors.

When do I need a carpet replacement?

You might do it for a subjective reason, such as remodeling the entire room. However, if there are signs of wear, or it becomes excessively stained and always looks dirty, it's time to replace the carpet even after cleaning.

Visit our carpet store in Portland, OR, or Wilsonville, OR

A locally-owned, family company that has been in operation since 1965, Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouses will help you find the right carpet flooring for your style and needs. Visit our showrooms in either Wilsonville or Portland, OR for your free carpet quote. We service Wilsonville, Beaverton, Portland, Vancouver, and Lake Oswego, OR. Stop by today to learn more about carpeting and carpet installation.?