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Can hardwood flooring be installed as floating?

Yes, but with a caveat. It has to be an engineered hardwood flooring installation. Solid hardwood is installed in the traditional tongue and groove/nail down. Read today's post to learn more.

What is a floating floor?

This is a widespread technique where the pieces come with a click-and-lock mechanism. They form a mat that hovers over the subfloor without adhesives or glue.

It's fast, uncomplicated and installers love it. You will, too, because it's so quick makes it less expensive.

It also doesn't have subfloor limitations. Any surface is fine, even concrete, as long as it's clean, dry, and level.

Is an engineered wood floor installation the same as tongue and groove?

No. Although it's a similar action, it's not the same as the traditional tongue and groove.

Both form a mat. Traditional tongue-and-groove has protrusions and slats on each side of the plank, and that's not the same as a click-and-lock mechanism.

Solid wood installations never, ever hover. The mat is nailed at the corners.

The traditional tongue and groove require more time, effort, and special skills. In addition, subfloors sometimes require restoration and repair.

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Advantages of the floating floor

They're quick, uncomplicated, and less expensive. A floating floor also makes it easier to pick up the pieces and move them to another location.

Does engineered wood have to be a floating floor?

No, it is installed via glue or nail-down. They are both exactly as they sound.

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