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Can baseboards be left on during a carpet installation?

This is a fairly common question. The answer is generally yes; you can leave them on during a carpet installation if you want. Some installers prefer to remove them, however.

Baseboards and their function

Although they are architecturally visually appealing, baseboards have an essential function. The bottom of a wall can be pretty susceptible to dirt and damage. Baseboards protect walls!

Why the baseboard should have a gap

If you look at your baseboard, you?ll see a 1-inch gap that raises part of it off the floor. This is so the carpet flooring will slide under it.?

The installer will need to position the tack strips, which anchor the rug, at the edges and then roll the carpet under the gap. It needs to be done carefully so as not to harm the baseboard with the tacks or other tools.

On the other hand, some might prefer to lay the carpet first, especially when it's new construction. That can make the carpet installation easier, but it increases the possibility of harming the rug with baseboard stain and paint. In addition, many baseboards require on-site finishing.

And this is why accurate measuring is so important

Rooms aren't perfect squares. There are baseboards, trims, and door sills with which to contend, and professional, precise measuring is vital.

Incorrect measuring will either result in ordering too little product, which will result in delays. And on the other hand, it can also result in over-ordering, making for a lot of waste.

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