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Before You Choose Carpeting, Ask These 3 Questions!

Around the globe, from cold, northern climates to hot, tropical locations, a carpet installation is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular selections in home renovations. So, it's no surprise, really, that carpet in Portland is equally as favored. The question now is, do you know how to select the best type of soft surfacing? Avoid the costly mistake of a low-grade carpet installation, by picking the right type of material for your home. At Marion's Carpet Warehouse, our Portland, OR showroom experts always tell homeowners that it's quite easy to select the best surfacing, all they need to do is ask themselves the following 3 essential questions:


Question #1: What Type of Pile Should I Pick?

The overall amount of foot traffic in your home, as well as personal style, will point to which kind of pile you'll want to pick.

?Cut Pile: Luxurious and formal in appearance, cut pile fibers are pleasing to the eye, yet often leave visible foot and vacuum tracks.

?Loop Pile: As the loops are shorter than in cut versions, loop pile is easier to maintain, and doesn't keep any foot or vacuum tracks.

?Combination Pile: When cut and loop fibers are combined, they can create eye-catching materials that take on the appearance of squares or swirls. With combination pile, you get a stylish touch of elegance and unique charm, as well as a visual effect that hides tracks very well.


Question #2: What Color Should I Choose?

When choosing a color, don't select something for the sole purpose of making a bold statement. While style preference does indeed play a big role in picking the right color, you need to consider the pros and cons of the particular color in question.

?Lighter tones make a small space appear larger, but it can be more difficult to upkeep.

?On the other hand, darker tones hide food and mishap stains, yet tend to display crumbs and lint easily.

?And, while multicolored or speckled surfacing may be the best option to hide lint or stains, you may feel it appears unkempt because of its motif.


Question #3: Does Density Make a Difference?

Yes, it does, since it is essentially the number of fibers in the entire carpet installation. Simply put, denser surfacing is more durable, and shows less backing, so they're typically considered a better option.