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Are there different hardwood flooring installation choices?

When it comes to hardwood flooring installation, you should know you can choose a few installation methods. Each one offers specific characteristics so that one might serve you better than the others.

It's essential to find out about each one so you'll be better able to choose when it comes time to buy. So here are some facts you will find helpful as you begin to shop.

Tongue and groove installation

With a tongue and groove installation (also known as a "floating" floor), boards have a groove on one side and a tongue on the other. The tongue fits into the groove during the wood floor installation to form an excellent seal without using adhesives or nails.

Nail down installation

As you might expect, a nail-down installation uses nails to attach the hardwood to the subfloor. Unfortunately, this method is incompatible with subfloors such as concrete or tile, as the nails must attach to something beneath the flooring.

Glue down installation

This method works best with concrete or tile subfloors and helps hold the flooring in place for an excellent, long lifespan. When you visit our hardwood flooring store in Wilsonville, OR, you'll find out how it reduces noise.

Each installation method works well, but you'll want to consider your complete flooring plan to decide which is better. Be sure to visit us to learn more about hardwood and installation procedures.

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