It might look easy enough, but having your carpet flooring professionally installed is wise. Below we'll discuss why you should choose a professional carpet installation. 

You’ll get superior knowledge

Installers have years of knowledge. They know how various carpet fibers react and how to deal with them. As a result, they minimize problems like seaming or fraying.

They can spot potential problems and know how to avoid them. Then, if a problem does occur, they can address it promptly and efficiently. 

They know how to stretch carpets properly so they fit tightly. Because, unfortunately, looseness can also create safety issues!

You’ll have a smooth rug free of bumps, rolls, and wrinkles.

Saving time and money with a professional carpet installation

Depending on the size of the room, a carpet installation takes less than a day. That is, of course, unless the material is ordered incorrectly. Then, while too much creates waste, too little means you stop midway to order more.

If you take time off from work, that will cause delays and a crunch. However, it also saves money in the long term because many mills have requirements for installation.

When not followed, damages, even those that aren't the homeowner's fault, won't be covered.

You’ll learn about post–installation

You’ll want to keep your rug looking great and performing well for a long time. The professional installers from our carpet store in Portland, OR, Wilsonville, OR, will tell you when you can start using the room–and explain what will happen if you do it too soon.

They’ll also give you some tips on upkeep–and explain what’s normal and what’s a manufacturer defect.

Top flooring choice among Portland area homeowners

The installation is as important as the product at the family-owned Marion's Carpet & Flooring Warehouse. We even do the measuring differently: rather than sending a salesperson to measure (which is the norm), we send an installer. That way, they can address your concerns about the carpet installation.

We have locations
in Wilsonville and Portland, OR. And speaking of product, you'll see carpets from Karastan, SmartStrand, Dream Weaver, Godfrey Hirst, and more. We service Wilsonville, Beaverton, Portland, Vancouver, and Lake Oswego.