A hardwood flooring installation is not a DIY product. When it's done professionally, you'll experience the full benefits of an already gorgeous product. 

We have some of the best installers in the industry with the expertise to navigate the most demanding angles and corners. The result will be a smooth and durable floor.

Learn more about the benefits of a professional wood flooring installation below. 

Professional = enhanced beauty, safety, and durability

Solid wood is installed with the traditional tongue and groove nail-down method. If you're unfamiliar, the plank's protrusion (tongue) is inserted into the plank's slot (groove). Then, it forms a mat that is nailed down.

The installers at our hardwood flooring store in Wilsonville and Portland, OR, will ensure no rough edges or nails are sticking up. Both are unsightly and pose safety issues.

The engineered hardwood flooring version has more installation possibilities, like the floating floor. However, it should still be done by a professional to guarantee quality.

Natural, long-lasting beauty

Whether solid or engineered, hardwood adds elegance and charm to any room. It also lasts for decades.

The floors come in a large variety of colors and species. Some to note are Color Strip, a natural white oak, by Somerset, and True Collection by Hallmark Floors.

A wood flooring installation is also a real estate value adding

Hardwood floors have the highest ROI. You'll see 70-80% of the floor cost reflected in your property values. Plus, potential buyers often pay up to 2.5% more for a home with wood flooring.

Easy care

Both versions only need daily dry mopping and weekly vacuuming. Wipe spills immediately so puddles of liquid don't stand.

Please mat at all entrances so people can wipe their feet before entering. It's also a good idea to use protective furniture pads when necessary.

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