Have you finally decided to dive into the carpet flooring experience? If so, you’re probably looking at a wealth of products, information, and possibilities.

While these are all attractive options, especially if you are getting floors for many rooms, you likely need a few tips on selecting the perfect floor covering. And here it is!

Carpet is easier to choose than you’d think

It’s easy to feel adrift in a sea of choices when you begin your search for flooring. But we try to make it easier than ever to pick the perfect floors, and here are four tips that will help.

1. Start with a reasonable budget. If you make this your first order of business, you’ll know exactly how much you spend, saving yourself a lot of time in the end.
2. Consider your specific requirements or must-have’s. These are options you cannot live without and might include extensive durability, stain protection, hypoallergenic fibers, or the most extended lifespan.
3. Add in preferences, especially where they are related to your décor. Then consider fiber height, color, and texture.
4. Find out everything you need to know about your carpet installation. We’ll help make the process as smooth as possible, with tips on what you can do before the installation team arrives, how to prepare the area to be floored, and how long you can expect the installation to take.

Let’s find the carpet that suits your Oregon home

Marion’s Carpet Warehouse offers extensive flooring options at unbeatable prices, complete with services that turn them into the flooring you’ve always wanted. With decades of experience, we’re able to match you with products that are sure to bring successful results for any size project.

We proudly serve Wilsonville, Portland, Beaverton, Vancouver, and Lake Oswego, all from our Wilsonville and Portland, OR showrooms. When you’re ready to visit our carpet store in Portland, OR, we’re prepared to provide the assistance you need.