As the new year approaches, many people are thinking about the positive changes they’d like to make in 2016. For some people, that entails a full makeover of the body and mind; for others, taking on small home renovation projects offers the perfect dose of change. These upcoming trends in hardwood flooring will inspire any homeowner to update their look.

Gray is the new black

Gray tones are often used as neutrals because they’re classic and timeless. With a gray foundation, whether it’s through the use of porcelain tiles or laminate flooring, homeowners can constantly redecorate without making major changes to the floor.

Go Bold or go Home

If gray is too boring for you, try incorporating bold color instead. Tones like ebony brown and fiery red will be hugely popular this season. These colors add a warm, earthy feel to any room.

Go Natural

This is a style of hardwood flooring that shows off the natural imperfections and grain character of the wood. It gives off a rustic vibe that lets the homeowners feel just a bit closer to nature without leaving their living room.

Go vintage with reclaimed materials.

Not only is repurposing and reusing vintage materials good for the environment, but it also creates a weathered vibe that many homeowners love. Plus, it’s fun and easy to decorate around the distressed look created by reclaimed hardwood or laminate flooring.

Bold patterns are still in.

In 2016, homeowners will still flock toward classic designs like herringbone and chevron, but intricate geometric patterns will also be a hit this year. Low-gloss finishes are also in; this makes floors easy to care for while hiding scratches and dirt.

Bamboo continues to gain popularity in 2016.

This material is hugely popular for flooring because it’s hard, durable, and available in tons of different styles and textures. Plus, it’s a sustainable flooring option. What could be better than a stylish, sophisticated home that’s actually eco-friendly?

With so many different hardwood flooring trends, high-quality laminate flooring options, and endless other flooring materials available, every homeowner can make this the year they design the room they’ve always dreamed of!