Besides color and species, plank size will be a big decision when choosing your hardwood flooring installation. After all, the planks significantly impact your room's interior design plan and budget.

Currently, wide planks are trending. They are rustic, with almost a historical look.

Make no mistake, though: With the right furnishings, wide planks can work just as well in contemporary settings.

Whether you consider wide planks better than narrow ones is a personal decision. It will depend on your style and, of course, room size.

How they work best

Wide plank floors have fewer seams, which equals fewer visual interruptions. However, they can make a room look more significant because this flooring stretches the eyes.

This wood floor installation also works well in already-large rooms with high ceilings. That is because the floor can easily get lost in the crowd; that's not possible, however, with wide plank floors.

They can also make a small room look larger

Contrary to popular belief, they don't make a small room look smaller. However, if you feel differently, try random width.
With random widths, designers create layouts using groups of three different plank widths. These arrangements can play tricks on the eyes and visually enlarge the space.


You'll see species and planks of all widths in our hardwood flooring store in Wilsonville, OR, and Portland, OR. They come from companies like Johnson and Hallmark.

The installation may be less expensive because there are fewer pieces. Be aware, though, that the skills and techniques are the same.

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